Fan Expo Dallas is our next big show.

Come see Joe. He's excited about the companions. Stop by our booth in the Community Area for some great deals

Thank you All-Con

Joe made some news friends Check out his facebook Page: Joe's FB page!

Toastmaster Annoucement. WhoFest brings you Dallas's own Devin Pike

Charity Annoucment.... KERA is been selected as our Charity this year.

They have brought much educational and cultural programming to the DFW area. Including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Monty Python and a host of other British Favorites.

Autograph Pre-sales are online

Purchase your Autographs ahead of time and don't miss out. Actors will only take cash or our coupons. There is an ATM on site at the hotel.

WhoFest is proud to announce that Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor) and Dan Starkey (Strax) will be joining us in 2017

WhoFest welcomes back Jason Haigh-Ellery, executive producer of Big Finish Productions for 2017

Hotel page has been updated with our link

Room rate of $104. Reserve now!

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