**Photo op information can be found at the Photo Op Page

Please note information is listed below for guests who do charge for their autograph on your item or their photo. Guest charge for photos at the table. Guests only take cash, no debit/credit cards. You can pre-purchase your autograph below. There will be an ATM at the hotel.

Pre-sales are CLOSED. Must purchase at Actors Table. Cash Only

Autograph Pre-sales can be picked up at the WhoStore in the Dealers room.

You can purchase items from this page without a membership and get your membership later or at the con. You will be asked to create an account for the website when you check out. Creating an account does not entitle you to a membership.

To order multiple quantities you will need to add your items to the cart and continue shopping until all quantities are added to your chart then click the shopping cart at the top left of the page.