Fezzes, Stetsons, and bow ties are all cool.

We can fix it: For costume repairs, fans should visit the Costumers Anonymous of North Texas (CANT) room (Magnolia Room) just off the Main Gallery. Should your costume require more than superficial repair, you'll be escorted to the Mulberry room where they can take care of wardrobe malfunctions in private.

Costume Contest: Be a part of "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" and show off your fannish finest on WhoFest's main stage. It's free for all WhoFest members.

Masquerade Instructions

Please print, fill out, and bring with you: Legal Release

Sign Up here Please note, after submitting this form, you must still complete check in at the Masquerade desk in the Washington Irving room by noon Saturday at the convention, or you will not be part of the competition.

Hall costumes: Don't want to get up on the big stage? Can't wait for Saturday night? Have more than one amazing outfit to share? Then the WhoFest Hall Costume Contest is for you. No sign up, no forms, just you walking around being awesome and our crack judges spotting you and rewarding you. (There are rules, of course, but it's a short list.)

Rules for Costuming

*note the rules say 2015 but they are still good for 2017

Costume Contest Rules
Hall costume Rules

Have questions?: Any questions about the Costume Contest or the Costume Contest rules should be directed to the Costume Contest Director. Until midnight on the Thursday before the convention, the Costume Contest Director can be contacted through costuming@whofestdfw.org. On-site, if you cannot find the Director yourself, ask a WhoFest staff member in Operations to contact the Director by phone