Dealer information

Tables are 6' by 30" and include a table cloth and 2 chairs. $125 each. Associate badge is $30

Electricity is free, Internet access is not. It's an extra $25 fee. If you have not reserved your internet Access before you come on site the cost is $35. You will need to email Leah our Dealer Liaison and let her know if you need electricity or internet access.

Have questions? You can email Leah

Dealer setup

Thursday 6pm to 10 pm
Friday 8am to 1:45pm.
Saturday 9 am to 10 am
Sunday 9 am to 10 am.

Please be done unloading and setting up 15 minutes prior to opening the doors.

Everything is on the first floor, so there will not be a need for elevator access. That should make unloading easy. There are a limited number of luggage dollies from the hotel. Dealers should bring dollies as needed. Please unload via the convention entrance and not the hotel entrance. The convention is around to the side of the hotel on the right.

Set-up space is 6’ x 5’. The table is 6’ x 30”.

There will be kiosks with food set up near the dealer room during meal times. The City of Irving is supplying maps for local food venues. The hotel has restaurants and snack foods for sale.

There is an ATM on site.

Please remember if you are staying in the hotel your wifi code will not work in the dealer room. If you absolutely need WiFi, please let Leah know if you haven’t already.