Information For Dealers

The Doctor loves a little gift shop and so do we.

Does WhoFest have a table in the dealer room? Yes, because who doesn't
like a little gift shop? The WhoFest Store is where you will find
WhoFest shirts, exclusive prints, lanyards, cups, buttons, and other
WhoFest exclusive items. Plus, this is where you will pick up
pre-ordered t-shirts, autograph coupons, photo-op coupons, and prints.

You'll also find an amazing collection of Vendors
from all over our part of the Galaxy

WhoFest Dealer Room Hours

Friday: opens at 2:00pm, closes at 6:45pm
Saturday: opens at 10:00am, closes at 6:00pm
Sunday: opens at 10:00am, closes at 4:00pm

WhoFest Dealer List

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