WhoKids offers timey-wimey fun for everyone

Looking for hands-on projects?

We've got activities for the younger Doctor Who fans that are sure to
engage and entertain. Some games are just for kids and some involve
the whole family.

What sort of fun do we have planned?

There are family videos geared just for WhoKids, STEAM Challenge, decorate Who Cookies, games of all kinds, , and much more. Check the programming page for a detailed look at everything WhoFest has to offer each day.

Friday @ 4pm in 1414 -Cookie Decorating.
@ 8:45 Trinity VI-VII Dalek Disco

@ 10 am Trinity V The Who is the Doctor Who Kids (visits with the kids with the Dr Who Club at Lamplighters school)
@11 am Trinity VI-VII Games of all kinds
@ 2 pm Trinity VI-VII STEAM Challenge
@ 4pm 1414 Cookie Decorating
@ 4pm Trinity VI-VII Crafts

Sunday @ 10AM magnolia Bowties, Fezzes and more (costuming for kids)